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    Cannot Access Web Products on BVDataworld, KeyValueData or in the software

    At times you may notice that you have a blue checkmark next to a product or when you login to the software it says that you do not have an active subscription.

    This issue is either your subscription has lapsed or it’s a product that you are welcome to buy such as Bizminer reports etc.

    If you ever run into what you see below, please contact support at 1-800-825-8763 to get help with your subscription.

    You are also able to login to and and hit Account and then Renew via the web and have instant access (Does not include Duff and Phelps or Bizminer).

    Sample 1:

    The Picture above means there are no active subscriptions for those products.

    Sample 2:

    This sample shows where you go to renew via  or KeyValueData if you cannot reach us over the phone.

    If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us via our sales line at 1-800-825-8763.

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