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    There are two HRESULT type errors and it is important to distinguish which one it is because the solutions are different. This error is solved by fixing the file. The other HRESULT error is solved by repairing/reinstalling MS Office. This error can be identified in two ways. First, the dialog box says GetLastRowCol in the last line. Second, the program will open the sample file. Follow these steps.

    Step 1.

    Close the file.

    Step 2.

    Open the sample file.

    If the sample file opens, you can continue with the solution. If the sample file does not open see the other HRESULT error.

    Why this issue

    This error occurs when a user saves the analysis while still viewing a Chart screen.  It usually occurs on exit of the program and save is chosen. When the project file opens, the program cannot process the private data for the hide/show columns and it causes the software to generate the error.


    Note: sometimes file managers are not set to show the file suffix. In Windows 10 use the view ribbon and check the File Name Extensions.

    Using the file manager rename the file to an extension of .xlsb and open the file in native Excel. It will generate the following message when it attempts to open it:

    Select OK

    What will show is just the chart tab that was saved at the time the error was created.

    Find a spreadsheet (as opposed to the chart) using the Control Button and the Page Down keys at the same time, and it will change sheet tabs. Continue until you see a spreadsheet.

    Once you see a spreadsheet, save the file and exit. Using the file manager, rename the suffix to *.VSP and then try to reopen the file inside of Pro or EBV.

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