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    Getting the data

    The Duff & Phelps Navigator produces an Excel file that can be imported into the project. Always in the past, the data was easily accessible inside the program and now the paradigm is different. Inside the program, choose the Navigator button at the top of the schedule or use the data workspace icon. The program will launch the website for the Duff & Phelps Navigator. Log in and generate the Excel file. Then the user must point the program to the file generated in the Navigator. After the location of the file is known, the user must choose which scenarios should be used in the program. The user must select at least one scenario but does not have to select more than one. For instance, the CRSP buildup is the most popular and the user can just choose that. This would leave the CAPM and RPR report scenarios blank. The last step is to press the analysis button at the bottom. The data is now in the project file, but it must be selected using the assumptions in the income approach.

    Note that the program calculates an equity value. This means the only models that can be imported from the Duff & Phelps Navigator are the CRSP CAPM +size and Buildup, and under RPR the CAPM +size, Build-up 1 and Build-up 3.

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