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    Valusource Pro Template Not Opening

    If your template will not open and has before, most likely Word is opening the template in read only mode.

    Follow these steps to fix it.

    Step 1

    Your first step will be opening the file in the excel format. To do this you need to change the file format from VST to XLSB. You may need to enable extensions for known file types shown below.

    Step 2

    Now that you can see the file type you can change from VST to XLSB.


    Step 3

    At this point all you need to do is open the file in excel and resave the file using Save As and not the normal Save function to remove the Read Only restriction.

    Step 4

    Once done rename the file extension from .XLSB to .VST and you will now be able to open the file up in Valusource Pro.

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