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    Using Find and Replace

    Often times when you are working on a document or spreadsheet, you realize you need to go back to correct wording or find instances where you have used a specific word of phrase. Microsoft has a quick way for you to do this using the ‘Find and Replace’ function. Here is how you do it:

    Step 1


    Click on the icon that says Find, you’ll see a dropdown appears asking you what you would like to do. Click on Replace.





    Step 2

    A new window will open, now type in the word for phrase you’d like to Find and/or Replace.

    Step 3

    If you’d like to check if its in multiple places, then keep clciking Find Next to move through the document. You can also use this to ensure you have NOT used a word or phrase.

    Step 4

    To substitute a different word, type the replacement word into the Replace field and follow the same steps.














    step 4





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