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    Determine Version of ValuSource Software

    There are two ways to determine which version of ValuSource software you are currently running.

    Option 1


    Step 1

    Open ValuSource software and click on one of the software products

    Step 2

    Click the Help tab and select About on the dropdown.

    Step 3

    A new window will open showing the version currently installed.

    Option 2

    Option 2 is a little more complicated but will get the same result if you cannot open your software to check.

    Step 1

    Browse to where the installation path of the software is. For this FAQ, we are using the address:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ValuSource\ValuSource Software

    Step 2

    Find the ValuSourceSoftwareVersion.txt. If you sort by A-Z it will be towards the bottom.

    Step 3

    Open the ValuSourceSoftwareVersion.txt. It will look like the picture below. The numbers shown are the version of ValuSource software running.

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