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    How To Add External Workbooks in ValuSource Pro

    Follow these steps to add an external workbook from Excel.

    Step 1

    Open ValuSource Pro and click on analysis to bring up the menu to open or create a new analysis.

    Step 2

    Either open an existing analysis or create a new one. For now, I am going to choose the sample project.

    Step 3

    If you want to open an existing report and connect to the current analysis you would hit File, then Hit Open, then Hit Report and select the report you would like to use.

    Step 4

    Once the report is opened hit file again then hit Open then hit Workbook.

    At this point it will ask you to browse to where the XLSB file is saved.

    Once selected the file will open in a new green windows with the VSS9 toolbar so you can then link the new fields to the report.

    If you want to see what workbooks/analysis are connected to your report. In the Blue report window, Hit Window which will then give a dropdown menu of all Analysis files/.XLSB files connected to the report.


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