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    How to Open and Connect a Report in VSS9

    Opening analysis and reports in VSS9 works differently compared to VSS8. In VSS9 you can have multiple analysis connected to 1 report, here is how you do it.

    Step 1

    Open VSS9 and click on analysis to bring up the menu to open or create a new analysis.

    Step 2

    Either open an existing analysis or create a new one. For now, I am going to choose the sample project.

    Step 3

    Once you have the analysis open you will want to hit File then Hit New then report. This will start a new report based on the analysis file that is open. If you want to open an existing report and connect to the current analysis you would hit File then Hit Open then Hit Report and select the report you would like to use.

    If the links are not updating on an existing report all you need to do is hit Tools, then Manage Workbooks then Hit Use Current Workbook and last Hit Fix.

    Once you do this hit the button on the top bar that has two arrows and a sheet of paper. This will then update all commands to match the current analysis.


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